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Andrew P. Greenfield

Andrew P. Greenfield



I take pride in the “personal touch” I provide my clients. Because I run my own office and am a solo practitioner, I am free to choose the types of cases I want to handle instead of always just considering the “bottom line.” This leaves me open to helping clients with a wide variety of legal problems where I feel I can make a profound difference in their lives.

I am well aware of the poor public perception of lawyers and enjoy really getting to know my clients as people, rather than numbers. I continue to have long, close friendly relationships with former clients long after my representation has ended. Let me prove to you that I am a different “breed” of lawyer who truly cares about the people I help.

Outside of work, I enjoy surfing, snowboarding, traveling, keeping fit and enjoying my family–my wife of 21 years, Christina and my two sons Alec and Aaron.

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Andrew P. Greenfield

  • Stanford University 1986
  • Arizona State University 1989

4425 Bayard Street #128 San Diego, CA 92109

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